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“Plant like your life depends upon it....cause it really does”

Source: Bealtaine Cottage, Ireland

This one I want to share. It shows great things can be accomplished with vision and perseverance, on your own!

Self-sufficient ecosystem

In the Netherlands it seems almost impossible to imagine, with almost everything being artificially constructed.

However, nature is, by nature, self-sufficient. To us, overworked and overly busy Westerners, this should be a blessing, if only we had an eye for it!...  

Permaculture is producing with nature 3.0

This self-sufficiency is also a way to restore balance while we are producing optimally. This while we are having to put in minimal effort to manage our garden.

What if every city in the Netherlands was obligated to have a food forest?

  • And the primary and secondary schools would help with the construction and maintenance of it?
  • And that colleges and businesses together would think of a model to share, sell and distribute the harvest and ensure further knowledge transfer? That would be a perfect example of regionomy!

Be inspired by the farm school!

What if?!

What, if it would be normal that the principles of REGIONOMY (growing with the power of connecting) would be applied throughout the Netherlands? What type of effect, you think, that would have?

Would you be open for a culture shift if you knew that wellbeing would be improved (socially and ecologically) and that you would be economically stable?  Really? 

If so, shout it out!!

If no, what would you need to be ready for it? Speak up!

Join in?!



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