Alchemilla Millefolia: the healing power of yarrow!

Alchemilla Millefolia: the healing power of yarrow!

Aah, yarrow! This is one of my favorites! This medicinal herb, contains so many memories of a long time ago, when I was being trained by the White Witch of Boom and Herborist Doris, they have given me the base of herbal medicine, that I now use daily in my self-sufficient life in Hungary. Since I live here, I have been to collecting, drying and grinding all the herbs that are in my reach. Afterwards, I store them in glass jars with labels that contain basic information of usage. It is important for me that my family members have free access to these herbs, so they can use them when needed. This way I teach my unschoolers, to penetrate these habits deep within their intuition, so that this knowledgecan be passed on. Last but not least, anyone who has the right knowledge can teach you the basics. As I got my base from a herbal witch. But it has been a practice for 20 years, to use these herbs as a health product in our daily lives.

A mythical herb with a story from ancient Greece!

Every herb and its use has its own myth! This herb has incised leaves that repeats countless of times. The name Mille Folium refers to feathered leaves. The name comes from the Greek hero Achilles, who was taught that the plant had healing properties. He applied this knowledge to the battlefield and healed a wounded king with it.

Medicinal strength?

The leaves stand very wide from each other. You can compare it with the web of a peripheral system. This is an indication that the herb can be used for the peripheral vessels. Yarrow also contains bitter substances, which are warming, grounding and constructive. It has a decongesting effect, also on blood vessels. Bitterplants, bring the blood to the digestive system. Yarrow is used for abrasions, the bruised leaf is put on wounds. A long time ago this was used for hysterical woman. It works especially when bright red bleedings of organs occur; lungs, intestines, uterus, bladder, nose ... If you take an overdose, it will cause bleedings. Yarrow works on stomach and intestinal complaints and is blood-cleansing. It also stimulates the metabolism, which offers the necessary health benefits. Constipation, poor digestion, colic, excess stomach acid, diarrhea and stomach ulcers benefit from the use of this herb. Complaints of the urinary tract, weak bladder, bed-wetting and bladder infections can also be treated with the power of yarrow. Liver and gland complaints and even problems with the longs? Menstrual complaints can find relief, as this herb improves blood circulation in the pelvic area.

Many combined tinctures contain yarrow, it is a true tonic for inner rejuvenation because it nourishes the entire body. It is strengthening and helps the body to regain its power after sickness and miscarriage, sometimes it is used when a concussion occurs. You can mix it well with other herbs. It helps to bring oxygen into the body by stimulating blood circulation. When you have menstruation problems, it helps with cramps and can be used as a sitting bath. It helps pregnant woman, to induce contractions. It is generally used in case of bleeding, it's also very effective when there is a case of severe abundant menstruation. It is an astringent. Generally it was used as a spice in soups and lettuce. In Sweden it was used as a substitute for tobacco. Furthermore, it was used when someone had nosebleedings, white flood, hemorrhoids, chronic bronchitis, asthma, menstruation problems, gastrointestinal complaints. This global herb is known and used in many countries.

Do you need a detox?

Combine the juice of the fresh leaves of yarrow and nettle, the ideal purifier. When you feel the flu coming up, you can use it to open the capillaries, use it as tea and drink it hot. It works well with muscle pain. Because this herb stimulates the blood circulation, it helps well with cold hands and feet. Also menopausal symptoms benefit with this herb. It works for vascular strengthening!

How to use?

  • intake: 1 teaspoon / cup / infuus 3 x daily before eating
  • as tincture: 3 x daily 15-20 dr for the food

  • as a bath: 100gr herb / 20l water

  • You can mix it with any other herb, without any problem

  • Wrinkles become smoother and the skin is cleaned with vapors from the yarrow

  • The young leaves and flowers can be used in soups and salads

  • The herb can be used fresh and dried

  • You collect the herb right before it starts blooming

  • herb wraps: 2 tablespoons of dried herb on half a liter of water

  • Spring cure: 2-3 spoonfuls of juice daily in warm boullion

An important tip?

Prepare your herbal teas for immidiat use only, never store them for a later! Never use this herb for longer than a month without interrupting. In our Etsyshop you can regularly find the herb or syrup of yarrow! Follow us for more herbal facts and healing of your inner soul!


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