The world is to small for me!

Involuntary I went to a journey through Europe ... this causes the irrevocable insight that "the world is too small for me ..."

The system ownes the individual and tries to limit his freedom on a daily basis by imposing simple, but very effective restrictions, that lead the thinking, the aspiration of this individual into predictable ways

My spiritual existence as a human being, has shaken many years ago and what others around me describe as "bad luck" ment for me a free and unconcerned life .... in my head. In my head there is no more difference ... I am no more, or less than you, you are no more or less than me ... I take as much space as you, I have just as much right ... I have as much existence. .. like every living creature here on earth ... I understand the fight, but consciously am no part of it, no ratrace for me!

But on top of that I am not from the system either, I am not the property of a government that reaps the benefits of my existence, I am not the property of an employer who dedicates me for his pleasure who undermines my health and life, I am not the property of a landlord who can impose grills and frustrations on me, I am not the owner of debts that run after me every day, I am not the property of the collective fear that the media bury us under daily ...

In addition, I am not the property of a partner ... we are equals. I am also not owned by myself because that would suggest that I could abuse myself and that does not belong to the freedom in my head.

The wonderful thing about this freedom is that it is inviolable, this freedom takes up so much space that there is no room for anything else. In my attempts at model citizenship I cause unrest among those arround me, just by BEING there, just by my person. In the very beginning that worried me and I got back to what I learned and adjusted my "behavior" ... By getting older, the feeling of "je m'en fous" became bigger and bigger and I couldn't recall myself to good behavior.

For a long time I believed that I was born for something GREAT, for setting up the crowds against the injustice that is done to us ... A man or let's even say that every living thing can NOT be owned, it can only be loaned, or be voluntarily present ... EVERYTHING is a choice, and if we were to see this and take our power as a human being then NOTHING, no system can limit our choices or freedom.

Throughout the life I walked ... the inner turmoil increased ... In search of a place in the world I come to the startling conclusion that the "world" as we are taught is too small for ME. In my world there are no limits, there are no expired passports, domiciles, frustrating jobs or exploitation. In my world, people are not slaves to others' desires, there is no manipulation, nor is it simply copying or living aimlessly. There are no zombies in my life !!!

So the world is too small for me ... and I believe that everyone who was addressed by this title shares this feeling with me ... is the world too small for you? Do you recognize that feeling that you can not really feel or feel at home anywhere, that the system can find you anywhere and tries to make life miserable or attempt to steal your hard earned pennies? That every time you think that when happiness is smilling to you there is a reaction from the system to take this happiness away from you, so that you certainly can not think to BE BIGGER than you have always been told?

Over the years you will start fighting less ... you start to think that what your soul brought in so much unity and enthusiasm ... was false and shriveled in yourself ... you will eventually disappear for yourself, no more fighting spirit, no strength, no dynamism ... Just like the 100,000 that preceded you, you disappear into the system that exploit you as a zombie and commit to the pleasure of the great powers.

Maybe this article may touch your soul? And start shaking a movement that awakens many around you? Raising the eyes of the people and make them realize: "I do not have to fear anymore, nobody is BIGGER than me and I am as big as my BIGGEST desire ..." nobody has power over you and will ever have power. All those who attempt to have power over you in communication, association or behavior, shows his or her fear of being dominated, rather than being able to exercise that power over you. Realizing that you are a free person, at all times with or without work, with or without money, with or without address ... with or without image... This is the greatest freedom you can give yourself, from then on life will never be the same!

Do you want to share this wave of insight? Help me pass on this message of freedom and share this article, hopefully we can reach many souls who want to be free with us :-).

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