#Whattowatch Army of the Dead is one of the best and highest-grossing movies of the year 2021 and it features a plethora of great scenes and high-adrenaline action. The primary plot of the movie is the release of one "zombie" entity in Las Vegas and how through many years of war, Las Vegas is completely sealed off and the zombies form their own society. The main character of the movie, Scott, portrayed by Dave Bautista, is approached by Bly Tanaka, a businessman who wishes him and a team of people to break into a casino in the city and steal a safe in its basement. The movie has a few sub-plots but the main driver is the relationship the zombies have formed with one another where there is the Alpha zombie and his queen carrying his child. We all know that zombies are slow and unintelligent so it may be that the "zombies" in this movie are a new race or in this case aliens from outer space who use humans as vessels and inhabit them. Not buying it, huh? Well, let's take a look at how the two may be connected.

The "zombies" possess supernatural abilities

Humans are very fragile and easy to kill creatures. One bullet to the leg and you can no longer walk and ripping the head off of a human being is practically game over so it would make sense that the same would be true for these zombies, but in this case, the zombies seem to be able to pull off feats no human can. In one scene, the queen of the zombies gets her whole head cut off and she still can make sounds and live on. This is unprecedented for any normal human or zombie, but if they are a vessel for another otherworldly organism, it would make sense that they could pull off something like this as they may not require basic human needs and can control a whole body or just a part of it with no problem. Also, the zombies are able to hear and smell for much larger areas than the ones humans can so it could be possible these "organisms" can augment to some extent basic human abilities while retaining some other ones.

The zombies are intelligent

We all know that people who undergo the "zombification" process become instinct-fueled beasts who don't care about anything else, and this for the most part is also true for some of the follower zombies. But I put some emphasis on the "some" part. The zombies show signs of followership because they stop and take commands from their leader, the Alpha zombie, and his queen, and they also seem to possess some of their human intellect before they turned into zombies. The Alpha zombie is probably the smartest and the most "human" of all the zombies as he is seen to make deals and even mourn for his dead wife and child. If he was inhabited by another alien organism or is one himself, it would make sense that he could pull off such a feat by not breaking a sweat. Alien life may also be intelligent and it would make sense that he would rebel and go after those that imprisoned and tortured him. He doesn't destroy every human in sight, rather turns them and adds them to his ranks and puts the ones who don't have a lot of food to sleep to preserve and protect them from the different humans who wander into the area. Intelligent life from another planet may very well be capable of such a feat and this solidifies the idea that the "zombies" may just be a new alien race spreading their genes around on Earth and trying to co-exist with the humans.

One of the main plots of the movies is the retrieval of the zombie queens head

You'd think that the great number of zombie corpses and dead bodies would prove useful to scientists throughout the whole to produce a cure, but they choose to go after the queen instead and ignore the common fodder. But why is that? Shouldn't every zombie prove useful to this endeavor? It may very well be that the zombie queen has the greatest amount of alien genes and scientists need her head in order to study and understand this new species from another world. Alien life can even be very profitable as a reason for the businessman to hire and hunt the queen with the motive of "robbing a bank". This is in fact so important that many characters die in order to preserve and get her head outside, but in the end, the plan doesn't work and the evidence of alien may be lost forever.


The Army of the Dead is a great movie with a clear plot and leaves a lot of room for speculation. Many theories have come about to explain the origin of zombies and why they are so overpowered. In the movie, there's even a zombie tiger which may very well explain the theory that alien organisms have taken humans and even animals as vessels and they have come from outer space. The movie makes so many parallels to alien movies that you can see that some inspiration was drawn from some of the classics such as "Aliens" with the zombie queen. The reason the zombies are portrayed as zombies and not aliens may very well be a studio dispute with the original script being about alien life so in a way the movie can be a tribute to old and very well-known alien movies and even alien life. You shouldn't limit your mindset and think about all the possibilities this movie brings forward about human and alien life.

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