Is the climate crisis true? {140w newsletter 2020-04}

Climate crisis and glacier Greenland


The global climate crisis is regularly in the news.

Recently I read about the development of a Glacier in Greenland - Yes. That's what this 140 words newsletter is about.

After the Jakobshavn glacier initially had to hand in ice, surprisingly, the tide has now turned. There has been a growth of 20 metres per year.

That goes against science and against every expectation. It therefore raises the question, to what extent all these climate demonstrations, etc., are seriously needed. After all, if nature is regulated without the proper (elaboration of) political decisions...

Now I don't want to say that we can all live together. But panic might not be the right answer. Such a beautiful glacier does not grow out and around itself. There is a Creator who also gives pleasure in this. Something to think about!


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