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2-year old gets run over by car at popular bar

2-year old gets run over by car at popular bar

Though being a healthcare worker in surgery, so in general being totally numb for everything we experience on our job, still some stories get under your skin. Thats right, I am a person who doesnt take her job home in general. Patients die, people get diagnosed with terrible things, I see disgusting shit. But when I am on my job my scrubs feels like an armor for all terrible things I see.

I was talking to my friend yesterday while being on the job, she works there as well. She was the first responder to a terrible scream of a mother in distress, while she was just chilling with her own kids on the beach on Sunday. The mothers child had just been ran over by a car of somebody who was backing up. Not by speeding, not by stupid behavior, but on a parking lot where the child had walked out of the bathroom and the mother was coming just after the kid. Next to the bathroom is the parking lot. The car was backing up. We have big cars on Sint Martin because our roads suck. The driver simply was not able to see the child behind the car.

My friend preformed CPR and with her were coincidentally other medical people who were also just there on a sunday. I asked her if her kids saw her do the CPR, and the responded that they did see some pieces out of it in the chaos. And that one of the kids asked her in the evening, 'mommy, do you think the little child will get a shot from the doctor so he will be in time for school tomorrow?'

My friend said she didnt know what to reply to her child.

I did not know what to reply to her.

I thought about the parents and the driver.

I took this story home and felt bad about it, I took a story home...



What a terrible accident :( Poor parents.. I understand why you took this home with you.. breaks your heart..
24-11-2017 14:44
24-11-2017 14:44 • Reageer