It falls, but not easy # life update

Where I have enjoyed writing here on I just haven't been able to do that lately. I would have liked to keep you informed about the kitchen remodeling, but everything was against. 1 step forward, 2 backwards and that for a month. I was stiff with the stress that at some point I was even afraid that I would not even be able to enjoy it anymore, because how long does my body last?

The deepest low point was reached 2 weeks ago when Marco went to the dermatologist for the annual check of moles. He wasn't even really nervous for the first time, but behind his ear just above his old scar from skincare 32 years ago when he was 16 there was a birthmark that didn't look good. The dermatologist immediately called the surgeon and through corona he had to wait until the Monday to get rid of the birthmark.

All this really hit like thunder in clear skies. Of course you don't want to be sick and have home cancer anyway, but now with corona it makes that extra exciting, because at that time the care in our hospital was already reduced by 60%. I know, he's not the only one and, of course, a lot of people have died because they didn't get care on time, but you don't have to think that... Even if the whole house collapses as long as I have my buddy, I don't care about the rest. Well, and my birds, of course. They cut pretty far and there were seven stitches in it for a birthmark of less than half an inch. After 24 hours, the wound reopened and didn't want to close, so he was allowed to report to the ER. My dear friend brought Marco both before the procedure and to the ER. What a sweet treasure it is and how blessed we are with such sweet people around us. Yesterday he got the results and they took everything away.

Yes, there was skin cancer in the birthmark, but they removed a lot and the outer edges were clean, so it's fine, so it won't have to go back to the dermatologist for six months to check.

Meanwhile, with the necessary hassle, our new kitchen is also standing. Unfortunately, the dishwasher does not work and I spent 4 days working on it, because I was sent from the cabinet to the wall, but it will be fine. There is now good contact, but still hassle and a bit of balm, because our floor is laid today and tomorrow and not fine, because the dishwasher has to be exchanged. Also already 2 times leakage in the new kitchen, but quite honestly I don't want to write about that anymore.

I notice that the whole situation has pulled me down quite a bit and I am in danger of becoming hateful again and the only one that suffers from this is me and I never want to see it again. So I really want to try to look positively to the future again in our oh so beautiful apartment. Soon I'll drop a few pictures posting.


Step by step, animals get rights
Animals should be recognized as sentient beings. Animals should no longer be adapted to the system but adapt the system to the animals. Breakthrough: Animals better protected by law thanks to proposals Party for Animals - Three fundamental amendments Act Animals adopted - Party for Animals - It is no longer permitted to hurt or cause injury to an animal, or to harm the health or welfare of the animal in order to accommodate the animal in a certain way. Specifically, it means that it is forbidden to dehorn calves and goats and that there are no interventions in roosters.. Tail docking is prohibited from 2023, ducks must be given bathing water and rabbits must be able to dig. Animals are formally recognized as sentient creatures in British law. Animals should be formally recognized for the first time as sentiments in British law, in a victory for animal welfare activists, as the government has drafted a series of animal welfare measures, including the cessation of most live animal exports and prohibiting the import of hunting trophies. Today 14 May we start with a new action for the fish: for ten weeks we present our 10-point Fish Manifesto for better fish well-being. On Friday Fishing Day, the MPs involved in fishing and animal welfare receive a new point every week, with which they can get to work to improve fish welfare. This action is conducted together with Animal Protection, Fish Protection, Sea First and the Animal Coalition. More campaigns High production at the expense of animal welfare. In our country, we “produce” about 500 million animals every year under horrible conditions. Factory animals are propagated, fattened and processed. 1.7 million animals are slaughtered every day in the Netherlands. This is what we call the livestock industry. The livestock industry is also called intensive livestock farming or (formerly) bio-industry. Animals are kept close to each other in stables and often on a large scale. Saves on everything: space, feed, labour, etc.. This is at the expense of animal welfare. Animals suffer in the livestock industry because they have to produce or grow as much as possible in a short period of time. What is the livestock industry? | Wakker Dier - Organic livestock In organic livestock breeding, the welfare of the animals is better regulated. For example, organically kept animals have more space and are allowed to go outside. Many unpleasant interventions such as the removal of tails in piglets are prohibited. In addition, antibiotics are rarely used. Animal Welfare - Biodiversity - Farmerland - Blog collection -
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