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Yesterday I posted the post, “Is this real? ” , it is about whether the church should be open or closed in times of corona. I know that different churches are struggling with this theme. Churches (buildings) are not only a place of worship for God, but also a building to meet and “connect” each other. But is it really necessary to meet and “connect” in this building? Is it really the only place to worship God?

A few weeks ago there was a journalist who went to a church building in the Netherlands, because people did not understand why the shops and city centres had to be closed, but people were allowed to go to church. He asked an older lady:

Why is it so necessary to go to church in the midst of a corona crisis?

She replied:

Because God is there!

Is that really there, on Sunday morning, that God is in the building and not somewhere else? Revelation 3:20 says:

Here I am! I'm at the door and I knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person and she with me. I have this stupid idea that we, people look with literal eyes. But why should we?

When Jesus says in John 14:2 In the house of My Father there are many dwellings, if not, would I say that I go there to prepare a place for you? I can't imagine a building, a flat or a dwelling. I see what Adam and Eve must have seen in the Garden of Eden, as we read in Genesis 2 of the Bible. I see an environment of beauty, of wholeness, of nature at its best. That's how I imagine Heaven. With streets of gold!

Church is something we do together when we are together, so when He stands at the door and knocks, He is not at a church building and knocks, He is at the door of your heart! You are that church building, your heart is the door on which He knocks and He wants to have with your meal and with you alone. Anyway the Church is something we do and who we are together, the Gospel of Jesus and that crucified is there only for you!

Noah's Ark is built for salvation alone!

When Jesus came to earth, Jesus came for salvation alone. It is the grace of God the Father that He sent His only begotten Son to earth for your salvation and only your salvation from this earth.. When you die, you go alone! No one will wait for you but Jesus alone!

When we look at today's world and we want to set an example to the world as Christians, we must close the doors of the church (building). We should not close the doors of the Gospel, but only the church buildings! There are many ways to be a church instead of going to church alone. So get together with the maximum number of people you are currently allowed to receive in your home in connection with the coronavirus. In the Netherlands, this is a maximum of 2 per day at the moment. Two is more than nothing, and the Bible says: Where two or more are together in My name, there I am! Jesus is there where you open your heart when the Bible opens with only one other person.

Of course He also 'visits' the Sunday meeting, but right now my idiot thought is that Jesus is NOT going to a building on Sunday, but He is going to you and you alone, to your house to be saved!

May the Lord of Hosts bless your heart, stay close to Him in all that you do and be saved!

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