It's cold and harmy


Winter has fallen in.Outside, it's cold and harmy.Only the diehards are gonna venture out now.But some think it's always a feast in life.Without a coat out, how many parents warn about that? But there are always children who do not care about it.

If you like to play football, there are no limits.Then you must and will touch that ball.Even if the weatherman warns about the dangers of the icy cold, even if a real blizzard is coming, the child continues to raise the ball.A little helped by the cold air, because the ball just hangs in the air in freeze position...

But who can save the child if she does get snowed in? Her own enthusiasm maybe? Yes, this girl will definitely come out of the mash with determination.

A photo of Football Girl Isa B , created by aVR Photography , forms the basis of this 140 words story about a snowstorm .

Thank you, @Dewaputra , for your monthly challenge.


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