#towatch You can deceive yourself or deceive a lot of people by playing the right role of every moment. Or would you rather lie so as not to hurt this or that person. Or keep quiet what you feel. You can hide from everyone, but not from yourself. Your body feels and reacts to the betrayal you have committed against it”
How many feelings and words do we suppress every day? We keep feelings like one who hides a forbidden treasure, however, it makes no sense to hide them in this way so badly. Who forbids us, or do you forbid you to express them?
If you still maintain that relationship that you dare not cut, or that routine that empties your energy, with those friendships that make you feel bad Your body will be affected by those stored emotions and, like a backpack, it will load and store those feelings by carrying them on your back every day without being allowed to enjoy the journey. Have you ever wondered why you get so sick?

From an early age, we are castrated in our feelings and emotions, because some parents teach their children that crying is weak, for example and many other things, when we can make our own decisions, we adapt what we want to what society expects of us and we keep our anger contained before all that pressure. Boys do not embrace or show their feelings because it is a symbol of weakness, homosexuals hide their feelings for fear of being rejected by family and “society”, girls discover when they reach puberty that they become sexual objects valued for their “beauty”
Silencing our feelings and thoughts allows the person in front of us not to know that they are hurting us, even if they are exceeding some limits.
No one can guess the thoughts of others, so if we don't say what hurts us or doesn't hurt us, other people won't know.
There are wise silences and wise words. It is necessary to know when to be silent and when to speak, that is the best skill we can learn to develop. I don't know about talking for talking, or keeping quiet. Extremes are never good.

Keep your balance, but always remember that hiding feelings can hurt us. If you allow others to invade your personal space, in the end, you will be like a puppet guided by another.


It's healthy, save your feelings

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