It's not easy either...

She was so sulking: nothing was good, everything was stupid, nothing was fun, everything was dumber than stupid.
All morning, she showed her displeasure in commentary and yummy.

We took all five of them out to make some music. In fact, that was not good either, because the 'grumbling pot of the day' would have preferred to cycle through the garden.
“Do you play your guitar?”
“Would you like the harmonica?”
“That's totally stupid!”
“Well, come on, let's dance!”
“Dancing is stupid and you're stupid too!”
Okay, then... We obviously had to change our tactics!

Cees the guitar, I got a samba and the harmonica and our little assistant two fine sounding vocal sticks.

We went completely loose! We sang the lungs out of our bodies, while the strings of the guitar just didn't snap and almost smoke came out of the harmonica.
No matter how hard we tried, it didn't work... But hey, we had the biggest ranks.

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