#recipe  Making pizza dough is super easy, it is also fun and therapeutic. I adapted a recipe that serves 4 people into a pizza for one person.
Ingredients for 1 person:
- warm water : 55 ML
- olive oil : 16,5 ML initially + a few drops in the end
- all purpose flour (non-leavened): 110 Gr
- yeast : as needed for the amount of flour
- salt : 1/4 teaspoon

- In a small recipient add the liquid ingredients: warm water, olive oil and yeast. Mix and leave to rest.
- For the dry ingredients and start mixing, I use a bowl or a soup dish, but if you can work on a marble or stone table top, it is quite ok. If this is measured out as per the instructions, the dough will not stick after it is fully kneaded.
- Measure the flour, make a hole in the center, then add the salt on the outer edge of the ring of flour.
- Pour the mix of liquid ingredients in the centre of the flour ring and carefull start introducing the flour into the mix. The salted edge should be the last to be mixed.
- Knead carefully with the palm of your hand making slow stretching movements. This will activate the yeast. You can knead for about 2 mins, or until you notice that the dough is looking elastic and no longer sticking to the hands and bowl (or table).
- When finished, make a little boll of dough , drizzle with a bit of olive oil (this will help to roll it out nicely) and leave to rest (proove) for 45 min to 1 hour at room temperature in a recipient covered with plastic.
(My picture shows the before. The after will be about double the size.)
When prooving time is over, roll out the dough, place on a baking tray and decorate according to your taste.
I usually give the pizza a little oven-time to pre-cook with just the fresh tomato pulp on top, while I prepare the mozzarella cubes, prosciutto (ham) and mushrooms.
Make sure to always add the mozzarella on top of the pizza as last ingredient, because it will help keep the other ingredients moist. Finish with a drizzle of olive oil and oregano, place in the oven (usually at 180 ºC fan oven, or 200 ºC if normal oven) and monitor for cook time.
This recipe always works for me and the dough tastes just like an italian Grissino!
If you try, let me know if you liked it.
Have a nice PIZZA!
*** For 4 people use the following quantities:
- 200 ML warm water
- 50 ML olive oil
- all pupose flour (non-leavened): 400 Gr
- Yeast quantity proportional to the amount of flour used
- 1 teaspoon of salt #pizza, #italian, #cookingforone

Italian PIZZA dough