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Too Good

Too Good

Thoughts in my head

Thinking of you

Turns out I was right

This was too good to be true

The day I met you

I saw a beautiful smile

We sat down next to each other

Where we talked for a while

We became friends

It was a now or a never

We became closer

A friendship that would last forever

We talked and talked

For hours so long

The best conversations

What could go wrong

Feelings came between us

A feeling that wanted to stay

You couldn't handle the love

So you decided to move away

I missed you like crazy

I didn't know what to do

You just left me there

I had no clue

A long time passed

I put myself to blame

My dreams turned into nightmares

But there you came

You came back and apologized

I thought you forgot about me

I just stood there and listened

But you were really sorry

We started all over again

Talking day by day

Conversations and long nights

You said this time you would stay

You were back

You where there for me

A friend I can trust

Was all I could see

Fun conversations

Late night talks

We fit perfect together

We even took some walks

But there we went again

The fun conversations were gone

I started to feel bad

I was so done

You broke your promise

That you were there for me

It turned out you weren't

There was nothing I could be

We started to get arguments

About the lamest kind of things

We talked less

Was this what the future brings?

You started to ignore me

My mind was so confused

You made me feel lonely

It were my feelings that you used

You played with my feelings

Like it was an easy game

You ran over me

But who am I to blame

You ripped my heart into pieces

That night I talked to you

You destroyed me from the inside

It was indeed too good to be true


Heel mooi dat spelen met woorden
28-10-2015 00:39
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28-10-2015 09:02
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28-10-2015 09:03
28-10-2015 09:03 • Reageer
Dit is mooi en goed geschreven .
28-10-2015 00:20
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28-10-2015 09:02
28-10-2015 09:02 • Reageer
Heel mooi geschreven en herkenbaar ook
27-10-2015 22:23
27-10-2015 22:23 • 1 reactie • Reageer
Dankje! :)
28-10-2015 09:02
28-10-2015 09:02 • Reageer
Heel mooi geschreven ! :)
27-10-2015 17:46
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Dankjewel! Ik doe erg mijn best als het gaat om gedichten!
27-10-2015 17:47
27-10-2015 17:47 • 1 reactie • Reageer
Hele mooie flow, mooi gedaan !
29-09-2015 16:16
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29-09-2015 16:18
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Henkjan de Krijger
Heftige poetry. Wel heel goeie flow. Vaak lees ik niet tot het eind. Nu wel. All it takes is time..
29-09-2015 15:48
29-09-2015 15:48 • 1 reactie • Reageer
Ik ben nogal van de heftige poetry, dat zal je wel het meest te zien krijgen. Relatable poetry, like people told me. Bedankt voor het lezen :)
29-09-2015 15:52
29-09-2015 15:52 • Reageer