Japanese company launches first gaming mattress

A very curious news, which we are addressing and is that the Japanese company called Bauhutte, a specialized company
in articles “gaming” has released a special mattress for gamers its price is dictated at 335 euros.

And it can be nothing more or nothing less than Japan, the place of the most curious things in the world. This news seems
a joke, but it is not this mattress is a collaboration between Bauhutte a gaming company together with Nikhikawa company
specialized in mattresses, this company has 455 years active in the market. wow.

According to these companies, this mattress is ideal for resting the body, after a good dose of hours in front of the
computer. It has a technology to sweat sweat and is very easy to clean.

They recommend using it on the futons, or slatted beds. It has a design that allows it to be rolled up easily and
store it without taking up this much space.