jealous people

We are jealous people

You get jealous when I talk with other guys. Understandable, because most of the guys I talk to had, or have a crush on me. And now that you're out of the country, we are both having a hard time. Is it wrong for me to still enjoy the attention I get from others? Is it okay to smile when they admit their never to be answered love to me? We both know (or so I hope) that I will never answer them. Because it is you I want.

You are a jealous person.
And that's okay. Because jealousy is an act of fear. The fear of losing something. Or in this case, someone. Me.
You are afraid to lose me, and I like that. I more than like it. I kind of admire you for it. It's exciting, and part of me just wants to see how far I can go. I want to see, just when your jealousy overpowers your trust in me. Because I know you trust me. And I will do everything in my power to keep it that way. Because I don't want to lose you.

I am a jealous person.
Just like you, I am afraid of losing someone. Or in this case, you.
And now that you're out of the country, that fear has been growing every second of every day that you're not here. Because even though you keep telling me that you will never leave me, I fear. I fear for you coming across someone there, better than me. Because I know you can get better. You could find someone there, capable of doing all these awesome, but dangerous things with you. The things I can't. Not because I am not there with you, but just because I simply can't.

I got jealous when I found out that your ex-girlfriend was sending you naked pictures of herself because she was so desperately trying to win you back... after she cheated on you. And you keep telling me that your love for her was over, that cheating is something you can not ever forgive her, you once loved her. And I have to admit, her figure is just fine. I wish I looked more like her. But you still love me.

We get jealous very fast.
Am I a hypocrite person for letting you block your ex girlfriend, while refusing to block mine? Is it wrong for me to see all these pictures as something, completely different than just flirty texts I get?

We are jealous people.
But that's okay. Because we both are. I like it when you get jealous. Because I feel loved. I feel like you care. I see your fear. And I hope you see mine the same way.