Jelsa, Croatia First International Dark Sky Community

Love observing stars and admiring the night sky whenever you can? Well, if you wanna spend your vacation star gazing with the public or your telescope, or even with the eye while drinking some wine and observing the Milky Way.....

.... then Hvar is your island and Jelsa is your next small-town to visit! Just look at this photo and tell me it's not awesome? :D Jelsas policy is committed to the protection of dark sky from light pollution in order to preserve night skies as part of the heritage. #affiliatemarketing #Hvar #Jelsa #stargaizing #croatia #outdoor #darksky

I'll drop also one of my favorite videos, it's a night drive on the river while full moon. It was scary and beautiful at the same time, the night was so dark, and the Moon si bright that river was constantly hiding in shadows and revealing the truth at the same time. 🤟
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