Jewelry Repair Services

Malka Diamonds offers many services for restoring and repair jewelry in Portland. We are proud to provide our customers with a comprehensive range of jewelry and watch restoration services.

Finks Jewelers believes in providing flawless service, fitting, and repairs to your jewelry and timepieces. At Finks Jewelers, we take pride in our highly-quality Jewelry Repair & Watch Service, which is offered by knowledgeable professionals. Our in-house jewelers will carefully inspect and service your jewelry, helping you protect it for life.

At Johnston Jewelers, 50 years of experience with repairing a wide variety of jewels makes choosing jewelry repair services easy. BARONS Master Watchmakers have more than 40 years experience, giving us the capability to service your watch with the same level of professionalism that we apply to our jewelry. Our full-service jewelry repair store offers repairs for just about any piece of jewelry, so drop in today and speak to one of our professionals about how we can help. All jewelry repairs are done in-house in the Jewelry Design Department by our staff of model makers, bench jewelers, stone setting technicians, and craftsmen-at-large.

We offer a comprehensive array of professional jewelry repair, restoration, and refurbishment services, making it easy to recapture the joy that your jewelry was meant to provide.

The Jewelry Repair Service will recondition that special piece of jewelry for you, making it appear as if the day you first purchased it. Bring your jewelry to Rox, and Rox will make them look brand new in no time. If your jewelry is beyond repair, not all is lost, we can work with you to make an amazing piece that you want to wear everyday.

If you feel that your piece of jewelry is damaged beyond repair, take it in to the Chattanooga Jewelry Company and we will provide solutions for repairing it, or if it is just beyond repair, we can work with you to re-design it as a new, custom piece. At Chattanooga Jewelry Co., we have a staff of professionals that are prepared to repair or scale just about any piece of jewelry. Let Towne Jewelry Co. help you keep your jewels looking their best, drop by, and we will deliver high-quality repairs for a great price.

Kirk & Company Jewelers will always educate you on exactly what needs to be done with your jewelry piece when you bring it in, and will have your final approval before starting any repairs. When you have to have your piece of jewelry or a watch repaired, it is essential that you take it to a knowledgeable, professional jeweler that understands the complexities involved with the repair of high-end jewelry. Sometimes, minor repairs by unprofessional service providers can cause serious damage to your jewel. To get the jewelry prongs bent back in place, the services of a jewelery repair professional are required; the professional also can tell you whether there is been other damage to your jewel.

It is possible to fix the prongs yourself, however, this may be slightly difficult, and you will get better results when you are handled by a jewel repair professional.

In addition to stone setting and size, we offer recommendations on a variety of other types of repairs, whether your jewelry was purchased here or from a Borsheim outlet. Goldsmiths offer repairs for every kind, including soldering, setting, and stone changing. While Towne Jewelers specializes in creating custom pieces, we are very proud of our repair work, from casting mounts, diamond setting, and finishing polishing, we provide a complete service.

Our talented and skilled Goldsmiths take extra care to ensure that your jewelry is handled and repaired with utmost care and respect. Whether you need necklace repairs or diamond setting, our expert professionals have you covered. Our Master Jewelers offer repair services for rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Dr. Jewelers Jewelry Repair includes routine soldering as well as laser soldering for chains, rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and more.

Korman Fine Jewelry advises to get your jewelry checked out at least once per year. In addition to the state-of-the-art Computer Automated Design (CAD), a Master Jeweler also offers a traditional lost wax engraving by hand. Our Master Jeweler offers machine engraving services as well as manual engraving services including inside-ring, bangle, and charm engraving. Most of our locations in Finks Jewelers have an experienced Repair Specialist on site to perform services for your jewelry or Swiss-made watches.

From a cracked ring to bent or broken prongs, Jewelry Designs will examine and diagnose your best options for making sure your jewelry is safe for you to wear. Whether you are looking to repair day-to-day jewelry wear and tear, or looking to re-establish heirloom pieces, Jewelry Experts at Miro Jewelry Miro Jewelers is here to help. Jack Miller Jewelry Designers can make your precious jewelry look brand new again with their skilled, locally owned, Colorado Springs Necklace & Ring Repair and Refinishing services.

Additionally, in addition to in-store jewelry repairs, Corinne Jewelry also offers lifetime workmanship guarantees, generous Diamond Buyback Program, and complimentary Cleaning, Polishing, and Appraisal services for the life of every purchase at Corinne Jewelers. Outstanding service is maintained, both for the client and the piece of fine jewelry they choose. At BARONS Dublin, BARONS has a knowledgeable team of jewellery professionals for consultation and assessment in jewellery maintenance and repairs, and in-store goldsmiths who carry out work within our stores, making sure that your jewellery remains in the safe hands of our experienced Goldsmiths. Any gemstone, any nickle, we will have your jewellery shining like the day you received it.