Jill, a guide dog you'll never forget!

I wrote this poem for a man, he became almost blind in no time and unfortunately he also had to lose his sweet, caring Jill. He still misses her every day.

It's through a conversation about light and dark with @Flying Eagle that I should think of this poem and be happy to share it with you.
It's called:

Light in the dark

Dear, caring Jill
You were my light in the dark and I miss you, I still miss you every day.
You gave me a new life when I saw almost nothing.

18 beautiful years, I got to see what life can offer us.
Then an illness overtook me and within two weeks I became a very visually impaired man.

My life was just one big uncertainty.
Everything felt deprived, but especially my mobility.

Light in the dark, for many it's just a button.
I'm living without this luxury and it feels like a dark noose.

I may have to swallow, now that I'm telling you all this.
As you may well know, Jill and I were so much more than just a couple.

It takes me quite a lot of effort and the memories make me sad and hurt.
Still, I want to share Jill with you, because she can be an example!

She gave me new life, she gave me light while it was oh, so dark.
She was a hardworking lady, sweet, social and scratchy.

She had no fear and she had more friends than any human being can match.
Dear, caring Jill, thank you for the beautiful and loving years.

It's because of you that a new life began for me.
Together we learned to walk, on the street and yes, even on the platform again.

We went on vacation, Greece, France, Italy, we've all been there.
And especially Pisa, yes Pisa was one big party.

My sweet, beautiful, tough Jill your legacy will never be forgotten.
Host families are important and everyone needs to know!

You have shown that even in a permanent darkness, a light can shine.
A guide dog is essential when eyes fail.

I share my story with difficulty and all the credit comes to you.
I'll never forget my light in the dark.

by: a Voice of Thoughts

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