Jip and Janneke crafting of cardboard


Jip and Janneke are two big friends of each other. But they also have a dog boyfriend called Takkie and cat boyfriend Siepie! Here you can see the famous animal friends standing first..

Here you will find the fun craft of dog boyfriend Takkie.

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And here is also cat friend Siepie made!

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Trees Delimatemade with her granddaughter as once Takkie and then Siepie. But now they were going to make Jip and Janneke themselves. She looked up the figures of Jip and Janneke on the Internet.

I looked them up as a coloring page.

You can find it here

Stick Jip and Janneke on sturdy cardboard. Then cut it out.

Draw in both Jip and Janneke with chalk, marker or colored pencil.

To leave Jip and Janneke standing, they get a firming cardboard behind them. You stick this to one of the legs. See below how.

Give Jip and Janneke a wobble and they're ready!


The whole Jip and Janneke family with Takkie, Siepie and the little doll.

The Doll Boyfriend


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Photo:Miss Miranda Kroonen

All adventures from parts 1 to 5 of the ultimate kindergarten boyfriends Jip and Janneke are brought together in this book. From 'Jip and Janneke play together' to 'Day Jip! Bye, Janneke! '

With many illustrations in black and white and in color. A book full of reading and viewing pleasure, which should not be missing in any children's room.
A modernized reprint of a classic children's book.

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Sturdy cardboard book in which Jip and Janneke show that they already do a lot, even though they are still small. Rocking, for example, and drawing, playing football and building a tall tower. Only reading is not possible yet, but then they just look at pictures. And they can be the best!

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