Jip and Janneke friends book - free printable page

Hey, hey.wat fun! Just found my son's book of friends when he was 4/5 years old. The book of friends was very popular at the time. You gave it to each other to register, sometimes you got it back in one day, and sometimes it took weeks.

It's super fun to see and read again. It is completely crowded, with all his classmates, boyfriends, family, etc. A kind of poetry album, that used to be called, but then different, and also for boys.

Are there still friends books filled in today? I don't know exactly, because this book is about 11 years old.

Book Jip en Janneke - Best Boyfriends

Jip and Janneke play with each other every day. They go on the seesaw, go hide and seek or let on a very nice kite. The two of them take care of Takkie and help daddy rake leaves in the garden. When they lose Mommy in the crowds, they hold hands. And sometimes they fight, but it never lasts long. Because Jip and Janneke are the best friends!

Click HERE to view the book

My find from the closet I found very coincidentally!! The thing is: I was just about to start a new craft with the theme of Jip and Janneke. The theme of this year's Children's Book Week is FRIENDSIP. And also the (renewed) booklet “Best Friends” by Jip and Janneke is now out. They have been each other's best friends for years and experience all kinds of little adventures. That's why I stumbled upon the friendship book of Jip and Janneke, can't be a coincidence!

Therefore, you can download a print below, to make a similar book of friends yourself. But then no personal friends book, which you give to each other to write in it.. no, we do it bigger!

With this page you canevery child in the classroomfill in the sheet. His/her hobbies, favorite animal, etc. On the right side he/she can stillwriting something fun, drawing,paste, color or decorate.Then the teacher can copy the whole, so you can staple the pages together to create abeautiful bookwork- Yes. Every child has a classroom friend book, of all his friends/classmates!

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