Thema Jip en Janneke inspiratie

Jip en Janneke is een kinderboek wat veel kinderen aanspreekt. Schrijfster  Annie M.G. Schmidt, en illustrator Fiep Westendorp maakten heel veel van deze leuke boekjes.
Het boek bestaat uit compacte verhaaltjes die altijd weer een mooi moraal hebben. Kinderen zullen er snel herkenning in vinden. Het thema Jip en Janneke wordt veelal toegepast op scholen en ook op de opvang. ( en thuis!)

Het verhaal gaat over Jip en Janneke die allerlei avonturen binnen en buiten beleven. In het verhaal zijn huisdier Takkie { teckel} en Siepie { kat} ook van de partij. Jip en Janneke verhaaltjes draait om de vriendschap tussen deze 2 en met hun huisdiervriendjes.

Om het verhaal interactief te maken, knutsel je ook in dit thema. Het geeft de kans om bv. het verhaal na te spelen . Zo begint een verhaal meer te "leven" en krijgt een verhaal meer beeld voor kinderen. Dit stimuleert hun fantasie, taalbegrip, en ze leren over allerlei sociale aspecten in een vriendschap.

Het is natuurlijk leuk wat creatieve ideetjes te hebben. Die heb ik hieronder toegevoegd, zodat je wat meer inspiratie kunt opdoen.

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My little paradise - Part 1
Welcome to my garden, my little paradise. This video was created after the challenge of @Henkjan the Warrior  . Since the video can only last one minute, this is a difficult. That's why I decided to split it into particles. Today part 1: the west side of the garden. You can see the view over the fields, followed by the side in the west. There it is a bit of a wilderness sometimes, but birds find it a paradise. I didn't put any music in it, because I like the natural music so much that I didn't want to ruin it with anything else.. I think I am very lucky that this concert is a daily part of life. A lot of viewing pleasure, and especially a lot of listening pleasure ! #mygardenvideo   #nature #garden #yoorsoriginalvideo
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Mocha foam pastries - recipe with photos
Mocha foam pastries - a bake work with a top result - For English click the 'select language' button For a long time I had this on my mitte - to - do list. Baking mocha - pastries! In January, it was already on the schedule to make for my daughter's birthday, but that became a small party associated with Corona, then I did not do. And now, just because I wanted to make something new, I got to work. It really takes a lot of time, everything is made separately. That makes it challenging and fun! You make everything yourself: Mocha - extract Confectionery cream Hazelnut - Meringue Nogatine Mocha butter cream This in itself is already soooooo very tasty! The mixture for the hazelnut - meringue! Just a tip, if you draw circles on the parchment paper to get all the layers the same size.... turn the paper around before you start spraying the meringue on it.... I had on the undersides all pencil - circles! Hihi.... Also nice to eat like this, that actually money for all the parts you make for this pastry. Unfortunately, during the whole process, I forgot to put on the photo the confectionery cream, mocha extract and mocha butter cream. But hey, the end result tells the whole story! I think this is such an exciting process! Melting of sugar! Something didn't go well, it should have been liquid and golden brown in the end, but at me it was dry and still white when I started stirring the hazelnut crumbs. The nogatine was not quite the way it was intended, but fortunately it was very nice. And you grind it again when it cools down, so the end result comes pretty much in the direction of how it should be. Nom nom nom! After a lot of work we could enjoy this delicious mocha - pastries with meringue - foam inside, mocha butter cream between it and on top, and nogatine on its sides.... As they're supposed to be! Another successful experiment! I had found the recipe on where I get a lot of inspiration from. (who not I would say in a hurry) the recipe is from:   Mocha hazelnut pastries - Marielle in the Kitchen - In the context of “sweet is tasty” here a few more of my sinfully tasty sweet recipes:   recipe chocolate cake -   Chocolate souffle - the perfect from the airfryer! - Even more treats I have in my compilation blog of recipes! Take a look there if you're looking for inspiration to make something tasty.   Recipes - collection blog Elles van den Broek - #recipes #sweets #mokka #meringue #hazelnut #hazelnutmeringue #hazelnutschuimtaart #mochacream #botercream #recept #nogatine #confectionerycream #pinterest #inspiration #foampastries #challenge