Joaz, Lieke and Daantje

This month a short interview is planned by Joaz Christiano with Daantje and Lieke.

What do the two ladies have to tell us in the next 140 words?


The interview

Joaz: I like to interview you today, Daniëlle and Lieke.It was supposed to be an Olympic summer.But now with corona it is an extremely bald sports summer.How do you guys like that?


Daantje: Of course, we were very excited about it.We're bumped that we can hardly or hardly kick a ball anyway.

Joaz: But you have calmly recovered from your knee injury, Daantje.You must like that, right?

Lieke: Yes, Daan, and you almost didn't have to miss anything.So no more whining you! But it sucks me all, Joaz.We just can't do anything but a simple basic training.And that's really not fun! We want to get back together with the girls and play.A goaltje and enjoy again...!

Joaz: Exactly, Lieke.Thank you and see you very soon!

This fictional interview with two orange eunners includes exactly 140 words.

The keyword gourd has been incorporated into this contribution in the challenge led by @Dewaputra .


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