John Patterson (Australia) 9/4/2020

If an installer says from his own experience, that 5G is harmful and wants to destroy his own work out of protest, that of course means that it is a so-called conspiracy theory again and let's be, that is more common.
There is nothing going on here You can just go to sleep peacefully, you listen to the radio, which will inform you and you also have to follow the instructions of the authorities, who are really interested in you.
Who is John Patterson? An ordinary worker! He has not studied anything else and has been stirred up by all the alternative media. What have we not heard? The TWIN TOWERS would have just melted, on the moon live aliens and Mars Germans. A lot of nonsense has become part to us.
Take a look at the blogs of VERBEJAZZ.
I don't want to listen, if people don't want to listen, life will be meaningless anyway!
Don't let yourself get the head on the loose.
Listen quietly to the spoiling that the radio is offering you!
Nothing about the handa! #5G #JOHNPATTERSON