Join the Voice of Yoors!

Who participates in this beautiful musical quest in which we search for the best voice of Yoors?!

The idea is as follows;

Step 1;Respond under this post so I know you're in.

Step 2; Create a movie and/or sound fragment of at least 1 minute of yourself while you (part of) aDutch-speaking songs sings. This may also be a cappella.

Step 3; Please send me the link to your submission via a personal message before Monday 28 September 12:00 hrs. (Attention!If you post your submission online, you will no longer do with the competition)

Step 4; Monday 28 September at 13:00 the post goes live with all entries. (Those are in the comments) Then it's time to gather hearts! Voting can be done until 30 September 12:00.

Step 5; The votes are counted; -) The submission with the most votes receives 500yp from me. The entry with the least votes will be cancelled.

The rest goes on to the next round, about which more...!

*Please note: at least 3 registrations are required to start the Voice of Yoors