Review chicory salad recipe.

Something to eat had to be made up again. And let me find that the hardest part of the whole cooking thing. I am glad that I see all sorts of delicious recipes on Yoors. A chicory salad recipe of delicious recipes for2 seems like something to me. Not too many ingredients and the tomatoes and feta I already have. (Probably not the real feta, but probably also tasty) At the Aldi I buy chicory, radish and a jar of olives. Now only the Sumac, which is explained in the recipe. Coincidentally, there's a market this morning and I can ask at the reform booth. Unfortunately, it doesn't have it. Unfortunately, the Albert Heijn is also absent. The Jumbo then, which also has quite a lot of foreign herbs. No, unfortunately! I'm going to take a look at the Dane... And yes, I find a jar there. (Why do you always find it in the last store?)

Chicory is always an easy vegetable, it is cut and the other ingredients too. Some oil and vinegar are mixed as well. Now the feta in pieces on it and some pepper and in my case some oregano (I didn't have thyme in the house) and of course the Sumac. But it's in a very nice fashionable tin, which I can't open with any possibility. Grrrr!!!!!

I make myself angry...

With this as a result.

This delicious rather pricey stuff goes in a different jar. Luckily I keep some things and I quickly found a perfect container with a lid with less challenge.

The end result was delightful. We, my daughter and I, can highly recommend this salad.

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