Tuna salad

What a delicious recipe I found with delicious recipes for 2. A tuna salad with avocado and radish. The dressing seemed so good. One of the ingredients was dragon vinegar. Well, I don't have that in the house, and I didn't have time to go down all the stores to look for it. But I was pretty sure I had a jar of tarragon in the closet. And I like that very much.

The first time I tasted tarragon was in France. And then fresh tarragon, out of the garden, delicious through the lettuce from that same garden. Unfortunately I do not have a plant myself, but dried it is also tasty. I'm very curious how it combines with tuna.

In the recipe a bag of mixed leaf lettuce is mentioned, but since I still have iceberg lettuce, I only buy a bag of arugula.

Instead of tuna on oil, I prefer tuna on water, so Belle can lick the can. I don't mind the fact that it might be a little drier.

And see the result here.

It was delicious. So tasty with some tarragon, I'm going to use it a bit more often.

And a very suitable salad to take with you for a picnic.

That was good that I had tried this salad! Before International Women's Day, I was asked to sing some songs before the official part started. Everyone brings something to eat. And the best thing is that everyone brings a dish from their own country. Because this was going to be a busy day, I thought this salad would be very suitable, especially since I adapted it a bit. Instead of lettuce I took chicory, which I cut into a large salad tray already mixed with radish. I put the remaining ingredients separately in a well lockable container and put them on the spot. He liked it well, everything went on.

The fact that I had come on chicory was because of that other delicious recipe that I also wrote a review about.

Review chicory salad recipe.

I can also highly recommend.

When I opened a can of tuna, Belle was already standing next to me, cans are always interesting 🐈

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low-carbohydrate tuna salad recipe

See the full recipe here.

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