My first blog in English!!

This is my first blog in English!! Although I'm not very good at writing in English, I love to do it. So, I'm just gonna try. I'll probably learn a lot, the more mistakes, the more I learn ;)

I think I'll just write blogs in the language I feel like I want to write in at that moment. Sometimes it'll be English, like now, sometimes it'll be in Dutch. I will translate them afterwards. I think I'll post the English and Dutch version at the same time, but just push one of them. The idea is to translate all the blogs written in English to Dutch, and only the important Dutch blogs to English. But maybe I'll find the time to translate them all.. (think not, but I hope so)

I'm very excited about this!! And I'm really curious if I'll succeed... Maybe my English just sucks and nobody is going to read this... ;)

I hope I'll get some English followers too now. If you're English and you don't know this platform yet, just sign in with your e-mail (you won't get spammed) and send me a message, I'll explain everything about this platform for bloggers (or maybe I'll make a post within a few days..) :) I'm not the only blogger who writes in English, so if you're not Dutch, you can still use this bloggers platform.

So, what do you think of my first blog? Bad, okay, great? Be honest! And do you want to read more of my blogs in English, or do you prefer my Dutch language skills? ;)

This was my first blog!!! See ya'll later :) Love and blessings, Jonii