Tyler and Josh are sitting on the couch watching some tv. ´´do you want a drink?´´ askes tyler ´´sure´´ says josh. few hours later. ´´ohw josh it’s so late! its 1:45 am!´´ ´´i’m going now then it was really fun tonight´´ ´´yeah… it was..´´ ´´ see ya later ty!´´ ´´ bye!´´

tyler lays in his bed thinking about josh josh is cute… but he’s your best friend nothing more, tyler shut up don’t be ridiculous….but i love him it feels more than friendship it feels like.. when i’m with him i..i’m on a cloud... floating...TYLER STOP.. if you tell him you will be left alone he doesn’t want to see you anymore you will break everything! i just love him….. tyler starts to sob and fall with tears asleep…

josh comes in, ´´hey josh´´

´´hi tyler´´

´´what do you like to do today?´´

kissing you ´´uhh.. shall we go to taco bell?´´

´´yeah sure….´´

tyler and josh are sitting in taco bell don’t look at his eyes...his brown beautiful better don’t tyler he will think your’e weird you don’t want that, do you? tyler stares at his food...josh noticed it ´´what bothering you tyler?´´ tyler looks up don’t look at those eyes tyler looks away ´´nothing just little distracted by my thoughts´´ josh chuckles ´´tyler i know there’s something up, what is it?´´ tylers looked down ´´no there’s nothing stop..´´ and what should josh think now? ´´uhh.. uhm.. shall we go?´´ tyler broke the long silence ´´yeah i’m done with my food anyways´´ tyler and josh walked down the street to josh his apartment.

tyler is stares at his feet, josh pushes him playfully ´´you are really absent let’s do something fun´´

tyler chuckels and pushes him playfully back, josh and tyler lay both on the floor laughing tyler stands up and helps josh getting up ´´sleepover?´´ asks josh ´´yeah fun!´´

josh wakes up and looks around, but he can’t find tyler, when he comes in the kitchen he sees tyler making breakfast ´´good morning sleepy head i’ve made some pancakes, want some?´´ josh looks with open eyed to tyler ´´uhh yeah sure´´ tyler sets a plate with pancakes on the table for josh and himself ´´ i wanted to surprise you´´ ´´ yeah you did, how did you sneaked out? without making me awake?´´ ´´i saw you were still sleeping so i tried to be silent as possible´´ after they ate their breakfast tyler did go home, tyler did go to his basement, he sat at his piano and played a melody and begin to sing ´´ he’s the tear in my heart, i’m alive, he’s the tear in my heart, i’m on fire´´ and he sang his song would josh like it?

the door bell goes, tyler opens the door, josh stands in the door opening.. so close.. tyler is focused on those red lips.. tyler is so close he could kiss him kiss him now, and tyler kisses josh, so pure, so magical he waited long for this. josh pushes tyler back and looked him with open wided eyes, tyler sees tears in his eyes. josh runs away,

´´josh wait! don’t go´´tears are coming up, tyler sits on the ground, crying how stupid am i he doesn’t like me i could have know that

´´j...josh ple….please´´

tyler stands up and walks to his bedroom sitting on his bed, he sees a picture of him and josh both laughing, tyler strikes it with his fist. it breaks, glass pieces are everywhere, a stab of pain comes in his hand, it’s bleeding. he falls on the ground the pain feels great. he picks a piece of glass and takes his forearm open, the pain, it makes him not let think of his problems, not thinking of the future or the past. the wounds are bleeding so much, there is no stop, he sits on the ground looking at his arm for hours. when the phone rings he comes out his thoughts, he picks up.

´´hello...´´ says he

´´ hello tyler with josh´´ the tears are coming back.

´´i..i.´´ tyler is sobbing

´´tyler are you ok?´´

´´ yeah i’m fine´´ says tyler so happy as possible.

´´tyler i’m coming to you now´´

´´ josh d..don’t´´ but josh already hang up

a few minutes later comes josh in and sees tyler sitting on the floor with his forearm. josh runs towards him and picks tyler up and helps him with his forearm and hand.´´why did you go back´´ tyler looks right in josh his eyes.

´´it doesn’t matter now, we have to take care of your arm now´´ tyler looks down ´´i didn’t mean to k… kiss you it was stupid´´ a tear rolls down on his cheek, josh lift tyler his head ´´it’s ok´´ josh wipe the tear away from tyler’s cheek. josh comes closer, ´´it’s all ok´´ whispers josh and kiss tyler. a sweet tast of strawberry comes in,´´ i wanted a long time to tell you, that i liked you real much´´ says josh finally a tear of happiness escapes. they both laughing.

a few days later. they are walking hand in hand on street ´´now i have a surprise for you´´ says josh when they are in josh his house there stands a table for two with some candles and food ´´aw you sweetie´´ tyler kisses josh his cheek. josh grabs tyler his arm and kisses his scars.


dit was mijn fan fiction ik hoop dat je het leuk vond!