Judith Continues (139) | Flying Eagle

Judith Continues (139)

. great display of power.

The leading position

Sequel Story Kalle and Pietje, part 139


The days that follow are one big party for Judith. With great display of power, she resumes its leading position among the prisoners. And that goes into the last year of her sentence right now. She can't help but be happy.

For Pietje, of course, that's a hard hit. She realizes deep down that the rejection in her childhood has colored her life intensely black for a long time. And here in prison too, words like Judith's come in to her very hard. Today she feels the shoots of pain shaking throughout her body. But she knows she's not allowed to give up.

With the tail between the legs, she walks towards Judith. She kneels and begs for mercy. But mercy costs you, girl! Judith bites her. You kneel in front of me every fall day! understood?!


This month is in @140woorden challenge chosen for no less than two key words: autumn colors & birthday cake . I wonder if you see where they stand.

The image comes from the Pixabay account of VSRao .


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