Judith joins (209)

Judith joins (209)

once to me

At Judith's mercy

Follow-up story Kalle and Pietje, part 209


Judith walks to them. When do you deliver Ellen to me, Pietje? You know I always stick to my agreements. That that can change with you is because of those chat tricks of yours. You both surrendered to my will, so you do as I tell you.

Pietje, kneel!

As soon as Pietje is on her knees, Judith bites Ellen: Kick her in the middle of her face three times. Ellen sees no other way but to obey and kicks Pietje to the ground.

Samantha and Mel look at it prayerfully, but don't dare to go against Judith either.

However, a few guards have seen it and are rushing to. They drag Judith, Ellen and Pietje roughly into interrogation rooms.

There Jorieke says: You will spend the next night in solitary confinement and will be in court tomorrow.


The key word in the @140woorden this month's challenge is midsummer night . Do you see where and how this is incorporated in this episode?

By the way, the young lady in the photo in this part also has no criminal history. This has been and remains a fictitious story The picture comes from the account of @rockstar . Her role in this story is the prize won in the elections for the Orange Trophy Trophy .


Other volumes: Kalle and Pietje


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