Julian Assange, a bit of his history

The world is full of characters, people who stand out for their uniqueness, in this case I present Julian Assange ..!

He is a programmer, journalist and activist from Australia, very famous for being the creator of wikileaks. But this is only his presentation, this character is recognized for having exposed hundreds of thousands of confidential information, through the website that he founded in 2006, wikileaks.

He is currently facing trial in London where his extradition to the United States is at stake ...!

Four years after founding wikileaks, Julian Assange made one of the most shocking posts that put the Barack Obama government in check.

It was, first, the disclosure of 77,000 military documents and, months later, the publication of 400,000 reports on the war in Iraq.

The world saw images of torture and deliberate killings of civilians by US soldiers.

Many are in favor, many are against, what do you think?