Jun Jiuling

"It's not that we don't report it, it's not time yet." She murmured, "God has eyes, God has eyes." She kowtowed one after another, and someone beside her helped her up. Auntie, hurry into town. They said, with joy for the rest of their lives. The old woman got up shakily and led her granddaughter. What kind of soldier is this? I want to remember my benefactor. She murmured. The flag says. When an old man in a broken Confucian robe heard this, he squinted at the flag behind the officers and soldiers and read, "Castle Peak Army." (To be continued.) Chapter 17 War, Terrible Nearly hundreds of refugees outside the city entered the city, leaving only a few corpses lying outside the city gate. This is the criminal who was just shot on the spot. In addition to the first five, two more were identified by refugees who had been bullied and were shot without mercy. This little girl's film is very cruel. Li Guorui, who stood on the wall and watched the whole journey, rubbed his nose. Not to mention archery, this murderous style is not what anyone can do. A lot of soldiers do not kill people so quickly, killing gold thieves is good to say, killing their own people. "How can this be called one of our own?" Miss Jun said, "These people are taking advantage of the chaos to bully the weak compatriots, and their conduct is corrupt. If they fight with the Jin people in the future, they will certainly be able to turn against each other and ruin our city defense. This kind of hidden danger must not be left behind. Sometimes kindness is cruel." Being taught a lesson by a little girl, Li Guorui gave a wry smile. Because there were no refugees outside the city for the time being, the city gate was slowly closed, but it was believed that there would soon be refugees from Bazhou who had heard the news. Strengthen city defense. Li Guorui shouted to the city, looked at Miss Jun, and added, "There are refugees coming, check their identity and let them in." The soldiers above and below the city responded in unison, with unprecedented vigor. Just then these reinforcements brought wine and meat,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, let them eat a meal of meat and fish that they had not seen for a long time, only to feel full of strength and spirit. Of course, wine and meat is on the one hand, the most important thing is that Cheng Guogong sent reinforcements. They are not alone. Such orders are not only in Changfeng, but also in the Hejian border. In addition to strengthening the walls and clearing the fields, the refugees from the north can not be ignored. What happened here soon spread to Hejianfu. Than Changfeng, Hejian city more than a dozen miles, the wall is more high and thick, the town government has a sentence, there are Hejian garrison, have withdrawn from the front of nearly ten thousand military forces guarding the center of the Hebei west road town, even if the jinbing invasion, according to the city can also be safe. What's more, there will be a peace and a truce. But at this time, hot tub wholesale ,hot tub manufacturers, the civil officials and military commanders in the government were not relaxed, but frowned and looked heavy. Will there be chaos in Hejian if we do this? The chief judge, Lord Tian, looked sad. I don't think it's going to be a mess to take in the refugees. A general officer rose red face said, "I knew we back, that group of cowards will only retreat behind closed doors, we really do not want to retreat.." At this point, he swallowed it again. However, the emperor's order is difficult. Cheng Guogong dared to disobey orders, but they really didn't dare. What is this Qingshan Army? Is there such an army under Cheng Guogong's account? Asked the judge. All the generals present shook their heads. Is it not a private soldier? The judge asked doubtfully. The generals shook their heads. Unable They said in unison without any hesitation, "Cheng Guogong doesn't even raise a servant, let alone a private soldier." Although there are always people in the court who attack the impeachment of Cheng Guogong, there is really no evidence that he keeps private soldiers. That's strange. It's not fake, is it? The judge speculated, "After all, the seal is a dead thing." "There's nothing strange about it. Cheng Guogong is benevolent and loves the people. He must protect the people. He will certainly not let the people be ravaged by gold thieves." Said a general in a deep voice. It was indeed a shameful thing to cede territory to the people. "Judge Tong sighed." Then obey their orders. Defending the people is not disobedience to the holy will. He said. This is the act of acquiescing in the green hill army, the generals are nodding in agreement. I was reluctant to retire. My Lord, my Lord. Outside the door, a soldier rushed in hurriedly, holding a document in his hand, "the garrison of Changfeng has entered the territory of Bazhou." Bazhou?! The civil and military officials present were taken aback.
"What for?" The judge even blurted out, "Who gave the order for them to cross the border?"? What are they doing? The Jin soldiers are said to have entered the Bazhou boundary. Are these Changfeng soldiers going to fight with the Jin people? This is against the holy will. Are you crazy to say it again? There are only three thousand of them, right? This is death! "The seal must be counterfeit." The judge shouted, looking angry and hesitant, and finally pounded the table, "This Qingshan Army is not a spy of the Jin people!" There was a commotion in the hall, and everyone turned pale. Isn't the Changfeng Army finished! Changfeng army is over, hejianfu is going to open! …………………… In the first month of the lunar year, the vast land was desolate, and a bright light suddenly appeared in the gray sky. Lying in the withered grass in the gully, someone immediately jumped up and ran back quickly. Crossing the gully, I saw a group of officers and soldiers standing in the wilderness, a thousand men. There's a gold thief ahead. Cried the rushing sentry. This caused a commotion among the standing officers and soldiers. But a group of people in the queue did not move, and the horses stood in silence. Li Guorui felt a little embarrassed. It's not that I haven't seen Jin Bing, it's not that I haven't fought. He shouted in a low voice. In addition, because the queue over there was still heavy, the turbulent soldiers soon quieted down. Now that he has come out, he is sure to encounter this kind of thing, although he did not expect to encounter it so soon, Li Guorui took a deep breath, and just as he was about to say that he was preparing for war, Miss Jun over there had already opened her mouth first. How many people? She asked. Wolf smoke Bangzi can pass to many, but just did not see the wolf smoke ah, no Bangzi sounded, Li Guorui looked into the air again, gray and empty. How did they deliver the message? "About fifteen hundred people." Said the sentry. This word exports,american hot tub, Li Guorui also does not care to think how they pass on the message, the facial expression changes greatly, and the queue that just quieted down is also rioting again. monalisa.com