Just like in the movie...

“No, you can't because you don't count everything” Says person a to a friend of mine after being asked why he's wearing a tie, and his answer was “Oh I have OCD”
My friend responds with “I really got it anyway” the answer to this is “And is this by self-diagnostics” where my friend says “No, by a real doctor, I really have OCD but not just like in the movie”

These words stick with me, especially when I think about my acquaintances circle, I have a large group of acquaintances and friends who have mental problems, but with none of them it is like in the movie.

For example, there is the friend with PTSD (PTSD) you won't see him staring in front of him, while in his head there are images that look like the intro of a war movie, on the one hand his PTSD comes from another source, from school, in his case he gets restless if he can't leave because there's a lot people around him, and when he is stimulated he still wants to be, as he says it himself “Going nuclear” Which in his case is an “explosion” of introverted anger, which comes out very vocal (he's a scream, as others call it) it's nothing like how “Hollywood” makes it view.

And so is there Edwige, my girl, my partner, she too is suffering from PTSD But as it is with her doesn't seem quite like it's shown on the big or small screen either.
We were instead Baywatching (a youtube channel about baywatch) watching where they have different PTSD story lines, and they're always the same symptoms, staring and daring something more.
But I don't see that in my friend with PTSD and my partner at all.

Edwige was very mistreated by people who reported helping her. (I have to repost and edit The unforgiven post for her story) And yet she doesn't stare in the distance when we walk past a church, yes hearth hand gets a little tighter if she holds mine, but like in the movie? no.

When I think a little further, on the one hand, I'm glad that such things can also be seen on TV and movies, but then realize a lot more that people often get their “knowledge” from these sources, and if there's a person who doesn't have it like in the movie, people think they do it not have.
Just like my OCD (I think OCD sounds like something else:)) friend, he has it, but not “just like in the movie” In his case it's not counting or everything should lie straight, in his case it's more combinations, If he does A, then he always does B, because A and B are linked together, like that he always has to wear a watch when it goes to work, without being nervous and stimulated all day, but still “functioning”.

So it's good that the movie shows something, but let's stop thinking that a person who has something, that it's always like in the movie”