Just propose

I'll say it right away: the fact that this page exists is not because of me, but because of my niece Soofje. He likes everything called Social Media. I myself have a computer since last year because I could not even buy tickets to comic show without such a thing. Soofje visits me regularly to show me how to computer land. I'm more of the printed world. My house is pretty full of comics. The real then he, Captain Rob, Eric the Norman, but also the more modern, Asterix, the Smurfs, Franka, Lucky Luke and Olivier Blunder. Hence the name too. Theo van den Boogaard once told us that he did not like the Great Nose draughtsmen, hence. What about the pointers? Well, then you should see my niece when she goes to some Fantasy costume party again. I don't feel so comfortable there, but I'm going with her anyway, because her parents don't care about it and every scholarship is the same for them. I need to walk Sad, so enough for a while. I don't type so fast. Until another time.
Greetings from OomRoon