Win 500YP

I am trying to start new type of competition 'Judge by yourself'. Hope you will take part in tjis competition and make this successful.

Rules: 1. Entry fee:100YP

2. Deposit the entry fee by this post.

3. Make your post with the #justread500 and post it. it is a must you should do that.

4. Drop your post link in this post comment too.

5. After 5 other people have added to the entry, the competition will start. i will notify all of you by comments and personal messages to start judging.

6. To judge,you should rate all post other than yours. search with #justread500 and rate post other than yours. the judgement should be done like this the post in your thoughts to be

first-10 points

second-9 points and so on.

7.send your judgement scoresheet to me privately. i will add all the marks and announce the winner.

8. if the no of participants didnt reach 5 within week or two, i will refund all your fees.

9. I have started array of competition with different prizes and entry fees to have an idea which will be more popular.

10. Have fun and keep promoting yoors. lets make this site more beautiful. #competition