How to keep cats out of the garden.

Cats are very cute and sweet animals to see, but a biggest annoyance if they destroy your flowers or plants. Here are some tips to keep cats out of your garden so that your garden cat poop remains free and the plants or flowers can grow.

#Katten do their needs in the garden to indicate that this is their property. They do this by peeing against plants and bushes and pooping in the #tuin - Yes. #Katten do this preferably in a neat and raked garden. The following tips are discussed:

  • - - Water. - Yeah. - Yeah
  • Thorns
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Nasty scent
  • Gardening
  • Purchase Pet

The tips

- - Water. - Yeah. - Yeah

This is the easiest one, although you must be fast and able to aim well. Cats don't like water, and if you wet them, most cats don't come back in the garden. The hardest part is that you actually have to have a bucket ready with water and that you are waiting around a corner, but then that cat usually doesn't come and you just stand there waiting.


If you have bushes with thorns for example those of a rose bush, do not throw them away, but spread them in the garden. The thorns or spines hurt the legs and because of this the cat will stay away in the garden. You have to take care of quite a few branches with thorns attached to them, because if there is a free spot somewhere they can still get there. Cats are very smart and careful enough to step over the little traps.

Cayenne pepper

Cats that are peeing against your newly planted new bushes, is annoying because the blows can die from this. Also, cats can when it is very hot or cold o the bushes lie down and use it as a pillow. Cats can not stand the smell of cayenne pepper. The cats can walk over the cayenne pepper without causing damage. The cats find the smell of the powder too strong and that keeps them away from your garden. Sprinkle the cayenne pepper on the earth of your garden.

Nasty scent

If you suffer from cats in the garden then buy bushes or trees with citrus fruits. Cats hate this smell, and also do not like vinegar vapors. Both scents can be used to keep cats away from your garden. If you don't like the citrus trees in the garden, it's enough if you put the peels of the fruit in the garden. The peel of the citrus fruits (oranges or lemons) have yet another advantage it makes the soil more fertile.


I personally like to work with bare hands in the garden, that is what we should do. Now, if you're suffering from cats pooping in your garden, you can buy these plastic gloves. It's the same gloves that the dentist or doctor use. The gloves are available in different sizes and so suitable for every hand. I usually get them at the Action (5 pairs of gloves in a box) it is possible to use the gloves several times.

Take a pet

If you take a cat yourself, it keeps your garden cat free. The cat sees his garden as its terrain and does not want other cats in the garden. The purchase of a dog is also a solution, as soon as cats know that a dog is present, the cats become less and less and then even stay away completely.

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