Keeping the courage in it! How do you do that?

Do hold courage in it!

How do you do that?

Society becomes' creapy ',' scary ', not what we were used to.. Isreal (source NOS) calls for more freedoms for vaccinated fellow human beings. How can a country like Isreal be there for that? Hunt and shut out, their ancestors have been through it all, then how on earth can you proclaim such a thing? It's hard to talk about Covid-19 without making a political preference... sometimes the whole thing reminds me of George Orwell 1984. Already read? The atmosphere that the writer sketches is for me the atmosphere that the Netherlands is increasingly moving towards. Every time I wonder if it makes sense to “keep the courage in it.". When do we get out of this Corona policy?

Yet there are things that put a smile on my face over and over again. Even when I have decided to go through life the evening in advance stoic (emotionless and imperturbable), there is something that makes me laugh or 'the smoke around my head' disappear. Here's my top 10 of “keeping courage in it."

10. A cheerful animal that comes to ask for attention in passing

9. Watching children play on the street, nice old-fashioned together

8. The sun when getting up and working outdoors. The days are getting lighter again!

7. The rise of crocuses and daffodils. It seems as if I smell them from afar. New life

6. Music, singing along with songs like Hooch, Dust in the Wind, Sei Wachsam and name a few more. Especially when driving back home (next to many other things, be a postman, you can't do that at home).

5. Food! Yes really, a good plate full of kale, curry rice (nasi), macaroni or whatever firm, I enjoy it twice now.

4. beware. That's work, right? ? Yes and no. When I see how these kids play as if things were never different and come to give a hug I warm up again inside. Yes, there are thinkers who know all too well what we're into, but these two are the realms of the earth, if you know what I mean.

3. Read, now I won't recommend 1984 to get out of your dip. For example, I loved to reread Harry Potter. After 1984, 'Sofie's world' is on the program. Read as a first grader for the reading file but this book was so nice that I would like to read it after all these years. Reading takes you to another world, a different place and time like movies. Not always better or worse but in that book or film world you are free from the daily hassle.

2. Colleagues, that I would say that again. As a hsp'er I didn't like to take breaks in busy school or staff canteen. But now that the team only consists of 2 + myself (3) I like to have a chat with them. The online colleagues also keep the day airy.

1. The wonders of nature, this includes the flowers at point 7 but also the ice fun of 2 weeks ago. I had to work but to see people together again, the hum of people voting is a wonderful sensation. It's like I'm walking across the market again in my student days. Large groups of people who happen to gather to skate or visit the market are delightful groups to walk through. They probably don't even see you, merge into the whole. Can't wait for this to happen again.

oh and writing this blog was a welcome change in working at home, nice sunshine on the windows and a little music in the background. What's your top 10 that revives you?

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