Christmas tree

France, Christmas 2019

She just went into the woods, something she usually finds a little creepy. She walked confidently, proudly and with a mission.
A little later, I saw her in the courtyard. The piece of soapstone she was filing yesterday was now treated with a chisel and hammer. The effort was to read from her face.
While I was cooking, she came to tinker. She cut strings of paper and rolled them up. She tried to make herself as wide as possible so I couldn't see anything.
When she had enough, she cleaned up the table and disappeared again.
We had just eaten when she had to grab something.
With a shy snout she walked in;
“I cut these down for you in the woods. I hope you like it...” #kerstboom #lief #dochter #kerst #boom #bos #kappen #versieren #verrassing #liefgebaar #dierbaar #liefdevol #bijzonder