Kick the Burn OUT πŸ’ͺ

Sweet girl...
Beware and divide your time.

One day has twenty-four hours, divide them by the wonderful number three πŸ˜‰
Try it and see...

The number eight appears, and this is really not without reason.
Eight hours to work and eight to enter your crib.

This means that there are 'only' eight hours left to take care of everything else.
Pay attention, girl, I'm really not joking!

Sum everything up for yourself...
You're probably yelling β€œSTOP” very soon.

Right, because there is so much...
But the trick is, how do you stay whole?

Dussssss: Divide!

It is incredibly important that you can give yourself a little attention at the eight hours that have been left!

Kick the Burn OUT πŸ’ͺ

by: a Voice of Thoughts /

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