Kites tinkering with popsicle sticks

With wooden popsicle sticks you can make 1001 things. One thing about that is a kite tinkering. For that you only need 12 lollipop sticks.

The tail in this example is made of Foam Clay glued around chenille wire. But don't worry if you don't have Foam Clay. You can also make a kite tail with other materials! E.g. self-hardening clay around a chenille wire or an iron wire, ribbon with bows, wire with crepe paper. rope with beads, etc.



  1. Place 12 ice sticks next to each other and shift them into a diamond shape
  2. Stick them together with regular tape for a while
  3. Then glue two sticks at right angles to the rhombus.
  4. Turn the whole thing around, this will be the front
  5. For the eyes: Draw eyelets or paste wiggle eyes or glue balls of clay or glue beads.
  6. Draw the mouth with marker. First we test it on a test blade to see if the marker does not go through very much.
  7. Give the kite a tail according to your imagination.
  8. With Buddies or adhesive strips (suture pads) you hang the kites on your bedroom door!

Tip: You can also paint the sticks with acrylic paint or with ordinary markers

Below I show some other possibilities, whether or not combined with other hobby materials, such as paper, wool, etc.Combine and be creative, everything can and nothing should!


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With sticks only make the skeleton, and then paste white paper on it. Source:


Kites made of paper and decorated ice sticks. Parent Society


Plapped with foam letters and figures you can see at Oriental Trading

The sticks wrapped in wool!


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