Create your own color samples from a sauce bottle

A nice idea I want to share with you is this #kleurenmonsters , made in the host parent care ofIneke van der Linde.I'm sure you know the booklet of the Color Monsters? It is a booklet in which children learn to recognize and control their emotions- Yes.Each color represents an emotion so that the emotion becomes something visual for the children.

To make the booklet work even more, you can also create your own color samples- Yes.The way is not very common.- paper or paint needed! You use empty bottles that have a sauce in it- Yes.Eg- Yes.Ketchup, mayonnaise etc- Yes.So good reuse!

Below is a brief description of the materials used per colour sample:

  • Just wash in soapy water to remove the label and of course rinse well inside.
  • Materials used: chenille wire, wiggle eyelets, beads, scoubie doo wire {plastic thread still from the past), pompons, pieces of straws
  • Itred colour samplehas a wooden bead as a nose- Yes.The arms are made by gluing 2 wooden beads together- Yes.Wobble eyes, chenille wire like her- Yes.Chenille wire/beads for the legs.
  • Ityellow colour samplehas glued arms of a piece of a plastic straw and a wooden bead to them.

The eye of the yellow monster are 2 beads in each other with a small wobble eye on it.

Nose is also a wooden bead- Yes.The hair is a plastic hand

  • Orange color samplehas wooden ring with wobble, plastic wire/hands and shoes- Yes.All leftovers of old toys- Yes.But of course it can also be very easy from only chenille and beads.
  • Blue colour samplehas hair of straws, glitter pompon nose.


Below are 2 booklets and a board game with theColor sample- Yes.

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