Knitting girl's sweater with this free knitting pattern

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Voorbeeld van afbeelding

Girls' sweater size 140

55 stitches cast on and knit daisy stitch.
1st row knit 1 5 stitches with yarn over, repeat
Purl back 1 row, slip 5 stitches on previous row and then work them as 1 stitch with yarn over until 5 stitches have emerged again, repeat
Next row long jump, i.e. knit 3 stitches first and finish with knit 3
Return row first purl 3
Optionally in a different color
After 10 rounds of daisies stocking stitch to 45 cm total height, slip off at once
Front piece ditto, work here and there groups of daisies in randomness. After 40 cm, slip off the middle 15 stitches.
Then on the neck side every 2nd row slip off 1 stitch
At 45 cm all attach off.
Put on sleeves 37 stitches and knit daisies. Knit 8 rows of daisies and then turn into stocking stitch. First on every 2nd round increase 1 stitch both sides, after 5 cm every 4th round and after 10 cm every 6th round. After 35 cm, attach off.
Sew 1 shoulder to the hinterland and pick up 61 stitches along front and back piece from neck and work daisies as hem. Start with purl 1 round.
Sew 2 buttons on the back of the hem and close all seams and fasten the threads.