Knitting girls' sweater


Supplies 350 grams thick yarn for row 5

1 leftover yarn

1 crochet hook and 2 knitting needles size 5


Set up 50 stitches knit a rib

Then in pattern: 10 stitches straight, 3 purl, 4 straight, 3 purl, 10 straight, 3 purl, 4 straight, 3 purl, 10 straight

Next row as the stitches occur, repeat every return row

Each outward row: 10 stitches straight, 3 purl, 2 stitches on the work needle, 2 stitches straight, knit auxiliary needle stitches, purl 3 stitches, purl 10 stitches, purl 3 stitches, 2 stitches on the help needle behind the work, 2 stitches straight, help needle stitches straight knit, 3 stitches purl, 10 stitches straight, repeat the outward row. Attach at 50 cm for rear

At the front at 47 cm the middle 10 stitches continue to knit up to 50 cm and attach 1 stitch to the neck side 2 times.

Sleeves: set up 26 stitches and knit cuff stitch. In the 10th row 4 stitches increase following nld:10 stitches straight, then pattern and end with 10 stitches straight. Continue knitting and multiply 1 stitch each 6th row on each side and knit in pattern. At 40 cm attach all stitches.

Sew 1 shoulder together and pick up the stitches along the neck to knit a boat. Attach off after 3 cm rib.

Sew the other shoulder until just before the cable.

Put the sweater together and hook with a different color along the neckline fasten one edge and from the bottom one row of fasting per knitting needle to the neckline. Now secure one side of the board on the back with a few stitches and the other side at the front. Tends all wires neatly.