#We think we know but dont ✌️

uThere always comes a time where we feel stuck ,somewhere in past or in any relation and thats the time we actually struggle with our mind . Our mind and heart starts to conflict and I thinks thats the most painful thing ever. We thing we invested alot , our time our feelings our everything and most importly we invested ourselves , how can our mind say that "let that go" , inner us always knows whats good and whats toxic , we just trust the span we spent and let that stay,Knowing when to things and people let go at the right time is very important,For Us, for mental health because with time It targets mind and affect it unknowingly. Know who is who to you ,who is toxic and who is not cz at the end ,You will stay, You will suffer , Take care of Yourself 💯♥️ #Knowingwhatswhat