This show premiered on netflix I think in 2017. At the time, most of my colleagues at the office couldn't stop talking about it and constantly exchanged comments on the episodes.
I didn't have Netflix then, and I couldn't understand the craze and all the success around this show. Only about a year later, out of simple curiosity, did I finally start watching the first episode. "Ok", I thought, "let's see what this is all about..."

Of course, once I started, I couldn't stop until I watched the entire series: I love crime stories, it was really exciting and I needed to know how it all ended. And at some point there was even a nice homage to my mother's home country of Italy, with the "Bella Ciao" partisan song. (She sometimes sang it to me😁)

Eight thieves lock themselves with hostages inside Spain's National Mint - called here La Casa de Papel - while in the backstage, their leader and criminal mastermind moves the pawns, keeps them on track, and manipulates the police according to his plan.
A very clever original plot by Spanish creators. #whattowatchonnetflix

La Casa de Papel