La Gaita Zuliana: Altanera and Protestone Part I

Bagpipes have over the years been an instrument of protest in the face of unjust situations, bad practice of the governments of duty, because it is a strong gender and which is well received by the masses. In the 1960s a humble educator, broadcaster, musician and poet raised his voice to express the precarious situation in our country at the time, I refer to Ricardo José Aguirre González, the famous monumental.

Maracaibo Marginalized from the Cardinals del Success ensemble, is a theme interpreted by the monumental one that revealed the government's little interest in helping to solve the problems in the city of Maracaibo.

Another issue that was added to that cry for protest no longer for the city but for the country itself was the Imploration of the Cardinals of Success, this subject played together with German Ávila also expressed the difficult situation he lived in those days.

At that time, a song that would immortalize him emerged from the creation of this famous singer and songwriter: La Grey Zuliana, played together with the ensemble Piper El Saladillo, this theme steeped in a lot of Christian faith and points to government indolence, became at that time and until today the anthem of the pipers

The Grey Zuliana

Ricardo Aguirre - El Saladillo Piper Set

At all times when you go out on the street, my queen,

your beloved people have been confused in one love,

immense love, glorious, excellent, sublime and tender,

heavenly, divine and holy love for your goodness.


My mother, if the government

does not help the Zulian people,

you'll have to put your hand in

and send it to hell. (Bis)

[Choir]: The grey zuliana, what a popular rosary

on his knees will beg his patron saint,

and a mountain of prayers wants to give

this masterful bagpipe that the saladillo la entona. (Bis)


Your people are asking you now

mia mia, help him

and what fortune do you give him,

with a lot of love she begging you. (Bis)



They finished with silver

and they laughed,

but it can get them out

the butt shot. (Bis)



Maracaibo has given so much

what should you have

bulk roads

with morocotas de canto. (Bis)

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