Lady, don't be afraid

"I'll spend the night here tonight," said the geese, pushing aside the cobwebs. "I'm sorry. There aren't any inns on this road. Most of them are thatched huts built quickly to meet other people's temporary needs. But I can get to your mother a little earlier." "As long as you can get to your mother's home early, the butterfly won't be wronged." Say that finish, the white magic butterfly also began to help tidy up, followed by a leopard with her round and round. The ice geese look at their clean house and say, "It's better than I thought." The white butterfly was already sitting on a low stool, rubbing her legs with her hands. The ice and snow wild goose turned to look at the white magic butterfly and asked with concern, "Are your legs sore?" She took out a bottle of ointment from her bosom, rolled up her trousers, and smeared the ointment on her calves and thighs. "Does it make you feel better after you apply the medicine?" For the convenience of walking, the clothes they wear are very spontaneous. The white butterfly feels cool and refreshing, and the pain in her legs is gradually washed away by the feeling of coolness. She smiles and replies, "So comfortable!". "That's good." The Snow Goose lovingly touched her head. "That's right, Butterfly. Granny is going to look for something to eat first. You stay here with Leopard obediently. Granny will be back soon." Before she left, as if remembering something, she took out a small bag of medicine from her bosom and gave it to Bai Huan Die. If you meet a bad person, you can sprinkle this bag of medicine on him, and the bad person will faint. Be careful yourself. The mother-in-law goes to look for food. "All right, mother-in-law,alumina c799, the butterfly will be obedient and not run around." Be good! My mother-in-law will be back soon. The ice and snow goose didn't want to leave the butterfly alone in the hut. Fortunately, she was accompanied by a leopard, so she didn't have to worry about what would happen. However, just in case, she still handed the powder that could stun the master to the butterfly for a rainy day. In the twinkling of an eye, the ice and snow geese have drifted away. The color of the sky changed from dark orange to black over the earth. The white butterfly stayed quietly in the hut, whispering to the leopard,cordierite c520, "Why hasn't the mother-in-law come back yet?" The leopard murmured as if he could understand. "I'm so hungry!" The white butterfly stroked its purring belly. Suddenly, the leopard's head, which had been lying on its stomach, was raised, its ears were quickly erect, and its whole body was staring at a certain point in the darkness. Not far away came the sound of a wolf howling. The white butterfly listened intently and cried out, "Terrible!" The short body followed the source of the sound, and the leopard guarded her, following closely behind her. White magic butterfly was shocked by the scene in front of him, a pair of small feet nailed to the ground, did not dare to move, the leopard seemed to be alert to guard the side of the little master. A pack of wolves, with their mouths open, stared at the middle-aged man who was still standing in front of them with blood. Shaude stroked the wound with his hand, Kamado bbq grill ,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, holding a sword in one hand, and looked carefully at the hungry wolf waiting for an opportunity to move. Think of him as the leader of the "Black Night Alliance," but now he has become the dinner in the mouth of these hungry wolves. Suddenly, the pack of hungry wolves turned their spearhead on the incoming unknown person and took a small step back in fear. Shaud half-knelt feebly, supporting his weight with his sword so that he would not fall to the ground, but he had already lost a lot of blood. When he finally discovered that someone was coming, he immediately relaxed, looked up at the visitor, and his heart sank to the bottom of the valley. The visitor was only a child of four or five years old, and in the face of a large number of hungry wolves, he could only sacrifice his life in vain. It was all his fault that he was not careful enough and inhaled "Huagong powder" by mistake, causing him to lose 70 or 80% of his strength before he was attacked by hungry wolves. Just pity this child, young age, it is doomed to be doomed. Shao De sighed helplessly and thought to himself that if someone could save him from his predicament today, he would hand over all his hegemony to him. White magic butterfly pale face thinking of the way to respond, in order to drive away these hungry wolves, leopard is not enough! The hungry wolves all grinned, looking for a chance to swallow the white butterfly, but they did not dare to move because of the leopard protecting the Lord. The white butterfly suddenly thought of something and searched her arms. "I found it!" She took out the powder her mother-in-law had given her and said, "People can faint, and the effect on wolves should be the same!" The leopard stood in front of the white butterfly, grinning defensively and giving a low roar.
The wolf took a small step back, but then the wolf howled in all directions. All of a sudden, the wolf was about to pounce on the white butterfly. The white butterfly was afraid to hold the leopard down with one hand and sprinkle the powder on the wolf with the other. In an instant, the hungry wolves fell to the ground one by one, leaving one or two cleverer ones to run away. The white butterfly was so frightened that the palms and backs of her hands were all sweaty. Fortunately, she had her mother-in-law's powder just now, otherwise the consequences would be unimaginable. Shaude looked at the white butterfly in shock and thought to himself, "I can't believe that this child is so bold that in the face of a group of hungry wolves, he can have no distractions!" Bai Huan Butterfly walked over to Shao De. "Uncle, are you all right?"? Whoa! You've lost a lot of blood. It hurts! Mother-in-law does not know where to go? He's hurt so badly. What should I do? Shao De raised his weak hand and touched her head. "Little sister, you are so brave. After seeing the way your little sister dealt with the hungry wolf, my uncle stopped crying out in pain." Why don't you cry out for pain? If it hurts, it hurts. If it hurts, I cry! "You're still young. When you grow up, you'll know why you can't cry even if it hurts." Shaude explained with a smile. "Oh!" The little head of the white butterfly is still in chaos. The leopard raised its ears and grinned, staring not far ahead. "What's the matter?" Seeing the leopard's reaction, the white butterfly asked intuitively, and suddenly whispered, "Someone is coming." Shao De once again surprised, the people are black night alliance, but want to find their traces, still have to have more than ten years of skill, this baby is only four or five years old, how to know? Shaude's eyes were flashing with questions,Ozone generator ceramic plate, and a group of men in black fell from the sky and surrounded them. The leopard roared and looked at a group of uninvited guests. "Leader of the Alliance!" The men in black all knelt on their knees and said respectfully, "It's too late to come down. I ask the leader of the alliance to punish me!" "No." Sauder waved them up. The white butterfly opened her eyes wide. "Mother says, 'Men have gold under their knees.' You can't kneel down!"! Why do you kneel? The man in black had the intention to kill.