Lady of Filters


Lady of the Filters” is a mythological novel by Patrizia Poli. It talks about the myth of the Argonauts, but from an unusual angle, which also covers the years of the protagonists’ youth. Each mythical element has a natural explanation and there is no divine intervention.

A mythological novel, therefore, but, above all, a story of flesh and blood, of adventure, of men and women, of strong and powerful feelings, the same ones that inspired Euripides’ tragedy: ambition, revenge, jealousy, betrayal, passion.

The real great protagonist, terrible, powerful but blinded by passions, is Medea, the “Lady of the filters”. Medea feels like a stranger everywhere. She is a foreigner at heart, she is unable to come into contact with her fellow humans and, if she does, she knows no half measures.
She is a telluric and lunar creature, incapable of lukewarm feelings, prey to a frightening, abysmal, superhuman loneliness.

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