Ladybug and turtle clays and paints

With air-drying modelling material (clay) we always have a lot of fun.

Moulding clay is one of the brands that is easy to knead. It is not too hard yet sturdy, so you can make a lot of things without your clay work collapsing. After drying, the clay becomes hard and you have years of enjoyment from your workpiece.

This ladybug, for example, is in a few moments with the Creall modelling clay. 2 paper clips bend the antennae, press the eyelets in (a drop of glue can, but not necessarily). You don't even have to wait! 

The bug is painted here with Creall's transparent Glitter paint, but you can also paint it with another paint.

KateJevana had the taste (yes, beware, crafting is addictive!)

  • Colored paint with glitters for use on different surfaces. 
  • Creall glitter paint/glitter paint

    • Good adhesion to paper, cardboard and foam
    • after drying waterproof
    • Glitter paint set 6x 80ml More info