Lama of corrugated board

Fortunately, they can't spit, these llamas. Did you know that a llama is also called a sheep camel? The camels are family, so that's not so crazy.. And he also has such a nice thick woolly coat as a sheep. They live mainly in the mountains of South America and just eat grass and plants. Previously, they were used for wool, meat. manure and for towing. This is less and less necessary nowadays, because there are now other means of transport.

If you want to craft a llama, you really need very little. What (ribbed) cardboard. , a stapler and wobbly eyelets. Actually, it already is! Oh, yes, and a scissors and a sticky stick, of course. You want to know how to make them? Then look below!

The best part is, of course, if you make 2, and that they fit a little together. That's why I added an orange llama.. A nice couple, don't you think?

How to tinker a llama?

The Craft Teacher Ede

108 Animals Crafts/Crocheted

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